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Cherry Blossom Designs For Girls

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs For Girls

Cherry blossom tattoos come in a variety of unique designs and are a favorite tattoo theme for girls.  Besides being a  stunning natural display of beauty that people the world over have come to love, these designs also have a deeper meaning and significance.

In Asian culture, particularly in Japan, cherry blossoms are a popular tattoo theme in much the same way that star tattoos are in the West. Girls adore the beauty and sensual nature of the cherry blossom, as they can be breathtaking and beautiful.

cherry blossom tattoo on back

Meanings of The Cherry Blossom

A cherry blossom design holds many significant and deep meanings.  Often used as a symbol of love in Chinese culture, this alone entices some girls to get a tattoo of the cherry blossom. When tattooed the design often depicts tree branches or even the whole tree in full bloom. Falling cherry blossom petals are sometimes inked into the design. The brilliant shades of the flower colors is another thing that attracts people to this pattern. They are often tattooed in a range of bright pink fading into a lighter pinkish color.

By looking for cherry blossom tattoo designs you will discover the many meanings that it portrays. The pure beauty of this design has a deeper aspect to many individuals who cherish the symbolic nature of the flower. Eastern cultures have long used the blossoms in many paintings throughout history. Over time bodies also became a canvas for the beautiful designs in the form of tattoos. Women and girls were mainly tattooed with the design as it represents feminine beauty.

The placement of tattoos is a matter of personal preference but they are often inked  onto the back when a larger tattoo is wanted. But they can be as simple as just one cherry blossom flower on the shoulder or ankle. Another good choice is to have the design tattooed along the side ribcage as it accentuates the curves of a womans body. Placing the tattoo on the upper back shoulder is also a good area for the design.

To find good patterns for these tattoo designs, you can look at art work of paintings which depict cherry blossom flowers.  You can start your search online and community or university libraries have a lot of materials containing information about cherry blossom flowers and their history.  One great source of unique and timeless designs is to search antique Japanese woodblock prints and calligraphy paintings.  Be creative and design your own unique tattoo.  Before taking the plunge be sure to choose a tattoo artist you are comfortable with and whose work you have been able to take a look at to ensure you will be happy with their work.  Discuss your design with the artist thoroughly before getting inked and be sure to discuss the exact colors to be used.

Cherry blossom tattoo designs for girls are excellent subject matter for a truly special tattoo if you take some time to plan your design, colors and placement.


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